A veggie that we expect every winter, we like to develop its entire flavour hidden among its leaves and show us its great heart.
We have one of the most valued artichokes for consumers, the Baix Llobregat artichoke. It is characterized by its oval shape, compact appearance and intense green color.

This vegetable has a series of substances and active ingredients that have very positive physiological effects in the body. The artichoke is rich in cynarin and cinaropicrin, two substances that facilitate the functioning of the gallbladder. It is also rich in tannins, which benefit the inflammatory processes since they act as anti-inflammatory and contain sterols, which regulate cholesterol and vitamin B1, B2 and B3.

Thanks to its properties, the artichoke helps fight the effects of diabetes and combat vascular diseases. It is also diuretic, promoting the elimination of excessive body fluids and helps fight obesity.