Who is

My passion is nature and the norms that regulate her innocently: seasons, atmospheric conditions … like rain or sun. I love following the development of vegetables in my orchard and see how they evolve. As a result of experience, it is worth harvesting for this reason, which is why I think it is important to keep these fruits well to enjoy them in the kitchen. I have always liked the kitchen and already spent hours sitting at the kitchen table watching how my father cooked. It is in the kitchen, where, thanks to creativity, vegetables of all sizes, shapes and colors; they turn into succulent meals.



Ona and nature

I think the earth deserves it!

More sustainable packages:
The philosophy of respect for nature has made us choose to package our products with the minimum of plastic. From the beginning we have worked on the elimination of the trays, which has represented reducing with 80% the plastic used compared to other brands. But our philosophy makes us go further, and we are already working on a line of biodegradable compostable films, which can be thrown in the brown container and become compost. This innovation in sustainability will be able launch during 2019.

Harvest more respectful with the environment:
We have achieved the SEAL / CERTIFICATE OF PRODUCTION INTEGRATED IN OUR FIELDS. FAO considers integrated production as the best system to protect crops, and as the basis for sustainable crop growth, reducing the risk of pesticides. Integrated production is the only production system that regulates the protection of the environment, health and safety of workers, due to the strict limitation of the use of agrochemicals, while guaranteeing a quality production.

For all these reasons, we have been selected by Mercabarna as the innovative company of the year and recognized by Ben fet! (well done!) as a company committed to the territory.